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Precision Turning Company

PP Perfect Precision Sdn.Bhd. manufacture precision turned parts to customer's specifications, with our commitment in manufacturing of precision turn part, we assure you a superior quality product at a competitive cost. Through our profound knowledge - in product design, materials, manufacturing processes, production techniques and support logistics - PP Perfect Precision continuously delivers value by providing new and creative ways to reduce your cost, enhance your product performance, and meet your expectations.

We are a globally respected supplier of high precision turning components and assemblies in small, miniature and micro-sizes products. Our innovation and focus on quality lead us to be come one of the first high volume producer of precision turned parts in this industry. We have the capability to produce turned metal parts from 2mm to 20mm in diameter & provide to all kinds of industries. Material use in our turning process will be dominately steel, brass, stainless steel, aluminium and copper ( According to your specifications ).

Message from Managing Director

Firstly, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your continued support and patronage. Since 1995, we have played a major role in fields such as manufacturing of precision turning part, and contributed to the related industry growth as a specialize precision turning company.

We appreciate the support from all of our valued customers including our business partners, suppliers and all employees, who have made it possible.

In response to the changing of times and environments, our company will strive to further strengthen our sales abilities in each field by focusing on our Quality, Cost, Delivery & Environment, by focusing on our Quality, Cost, Delivery & Environment, so that we can excel as a specialized precision turning company.

PP Perfect Precision will continue to aim for growth in the future, so we look forward to your continued support and guidance.

Company Background

PP Perfect Precision Sdn. Bhd. Established in 2001. ( 1995 ~ 2000 formally known as Perfect Precision ) Our company started with provide a wide range of inserts, pins, clips, latches, handles and many specialized high performance fasteners the industry. In respond to the generation change, now PP Perfect Precision offer user friendly and cost effective high precision turning products to meet the needs & total satisfaction for the customers.

PP Perfect Precision Sdn. Bhd.
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